The quality of Hainstock Homes comes from the craftsmanship and expertise of our carpenters, the superior materials selected, and the intricate detailing and care that Hainstock Homes instills in each new custom home.


We build with the pride of personal ownership; we buy building products that endure and reflect lasting value; and we provide exceptional customer service that will make you proud to say your home was constructed by Hainstock Homes.


Being a local builder in the Western Wisconsin towns of Baldwin, Luck, Milltown, St. Croix and Dresser, allows us to maintain a hands-on approach with all of our clients. Derick and his staff  are personally involved with your home’s progress from initial estimating and design, through selections and every step of construction through closing.


Derick is dedicated to designing each house plan to fit his client’s lifestyle. His goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer care throughout the building process. We take a personal approach to constructing your new home, regularly checking in with you without making you feel like you have to make all the tough decisions. You’ll find our team to be quick and responsive in addressing your needs, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our extensive quality control process requires that your home has been checked over many times before you move in.


Every Hainstock Homes  project is marked by quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unrivaled experience.  Many can own a construction company but not all owners have hands on experience in almost every aspect of building.   Owner, Derick Hainstock prides himself on not only managing each job, but also being involved in every phase of the design process.


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